Monday, May 09, 2011

100 Reasons Why She Is My Bestfriend !

I just HAVE TO COVER MY FACE in this picture.
  1. We have known each other for 5 beautiful years.
  2. She sat beside me in class for 5 consecutive years.
  3. She doesn't mind my overweight shape. In her eyes, I'm normal.
  4. She is so beautiful.
  5. We fight a lot, make up and getting closer than ever.
  6. Eventhough I was always the one who started all the fights, she stayed calm on EACH TIME.
  7. She was on the phone until I felt better when the backstabbers were bitching about me.
  8. She makes me feel like I'm the tallest girl in the world.
  9. She knows every person that I am crushing on.
  10. Because most of the time we are totally contradict to each other.
  11. Because she will whisper the answers to me everytime teacher ask me a question in classroom.
  12. Because we spent our weekend making the banner for Geography Club's stall during KOKO Fiest.
  13. She makes its 'okay' to invite her to my home eventhough it is in a serious mess.
  14. My parents love her so much.
  15. Because I get along well with her family.
  16. We used to carpool almost everyday when I was Form 2 because mom had to attend courses for 1 year.
  17. I am comfortable around her. I can even fart without any shame. HAHA.
  18. She is my rival, benchmark and a tutor in studies.
  19. We resemble my sister and her bestfriend. Mus was in St. John while I was a Girl Guide.
  20. She is so small yet so firm.
  21. She always smells yummy.
  22. My walking dictionary.
  23. My life saver.
  24. We went kayak-ing together at Pantai Merdeka.
  25. She held me tightly when we were doing water confidence activity because she knew I can't swim.
  26. We went hiking together.
  27. She will divide 3/4 portion of her 'sambal' in Nasi Lemak and transfer it to mine everyday during the schooling days.
  28. She lend me her ears and shoulders when I dissolve to tears.
  29. My sifu in addmaths.
  30. She made me jump inside the roller-coaster and cried my heart out for the entire 2 minutes.
  31. She knows all of my secrets that I can't bear to keep it alone.
  32. We referring to each other as "kami" "hampa".
  33. We are Taurus Girls!
  34. She memorizes my IC number.
  35. She always treat me lunch, drinks.
  36. She have a share in my new E5's pink case.
  37. We were in the same A1's classes, the same SN5's classes, the same college for matriculation (Kolej MARA Kulim) and same place for Asasi (Uni. Malaya).
  38. She doesn't mind if I smelled bad. She'll still hug me anyway.
  39. We gotong-royong together under Rakan Muda every weekend when we were fifteen.
  40. I like teasing her high pitched voice but she's cool with it.
  41. We auditioned for school's choir team together. Though I was the only one who passed, she had been so supportive.
  42. We give ourself space and time dealing with our mood swing.
  43. She knows everything about my family. No secret barriers.
  44. We always want to have a sleepover party but missed out every chances.
  45. She knows what allergy do I have and concerns EVERYTIME I eat seafood.
  46. She encourages me to exercise.
  47. She gave ideas when I was preparing for MARA interview.
  48. We played every single games at Genting Highlands.
  49. A prove that she's a brave girl => She went for Space Shot!
  50. I always made her to read my novels.
  51. She comforts me with her witty words when I'm in despair.
  52. We used to sing together at the back of the class in 2008.
  53. Every year we would stay back and decorate our class together.
  54. We played ping-pong like a badminton.
  55. She is good to me.
  56. She tegur me if I'd done any misdeeds.
  57. Sometimes she is like a mama to me rather than a friend.
  58. Sometimes like a sister too!
  59. She drive me home everytime we went outing.
  60. She never missed out any hugs when we met.
  61. She never missed out any goodbyes before went home.
  62. We baked cupcakes together thrice.
  63. She knows my favourite flavor => chocolate.
  64. She makes me feel like I'm apart of her family.
  65. She invites me as her only guest besides her boyfriend to her family's kenduris.
  66. She guna my present to her as her daily water tumbler for one whole year in 2007.
  67. She took my homeworks home when I was absent from school and sent it to my house.
  68. She said "Kami suka pi rumah ampa" after a day at my house.
  69. She loves cupcakes as much as I do.
  70. She understands me like nobody does.
  71. She makes me smile just by seeing her face every morning.
  72. We are the gossip mongers.
  73. She is my partner in crime.
  74. We went inside a men's toilet just to wash hands but ended up bummed to a male teacher. Who? Lets keep it a secret.
  75. She bought me a bookmark from Langkawi in 2007 and I still use it until now.
  76. She bought me a dice in Nilai and I still keep it somewhere in my room.
  77. She gives me spirit and words of encouragement when I'm down.
  78. She makes me realize how importance a family is.
  79. When I fought with mom, she never choose sides. Instead, she would tell me to give in to my mom since family is our first priority.
  80. She makes me feel special on everyday.
  81. She makes me feel extra special on my birthday.
  82. She forgives me easily without any second thought.
  83. She is lovely to my family.
  84. She will stand up to me if someone tried to hurt my feelings.
  85. She was on the line until late at night just to hear me mumbling about life.
  86. She replied every single SMS I sent to her. Even with just a letter "K".
  87. We have good moments and bad moments together.
  88. We went through all hardships together.
  89. We promised not to let go this friendship for the next 50, 60, 70.....1000000 years.
  90. She doesn't mind if I held her hand while walking side by side.
  91. She had seen me cry many many manyyyy times in her life.
  92. She makes me proud to have her in my life.
  93. She listens to my advices.
  94. She can withstand my inevitable mood swings.
  95. She still smiles even the day is grueling.
  96. She never ashamed to tell everyone that I am her bestfriend.
  98. She compliments on my dress, food and everything about me.
  99. She is still here by my side after 5 years of friendship.
  100. Because she is simply Musfirah Munir.
This is only 0.000000000000000000000000000000000001% of the reasons why YOU ARE MY BESTFRIEND MUSFIRAH.


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Nisa Batrisyia said...

hope you and her relationship to last until the next 10000000 tahun...